Starting to read Watchmen

drmanhattan1So about a week ago it hit me that Watchmen is coming out next Thursday. Before I saw the trailer last summer, I had never heard of this apparently huge graphic novel phenom that started in 1985 (too busy listening to Huey Lewis).  To hear people talk about Watchmen you’d think it’s the Blade Runner or Dr. Strangelove of the genre. So I ordered it about a week ago and it’s a real page turner.  What amazes me is how timely this movie will be, especially after the huge success of Dark Knight . . .  Watchmen takes all of those other characters and knocks ’em in the teeth. Literally. These guys don’t put people in jail or call the commissioner, they just plain kick people’s ass. l hope I can finish the book by the time the movie comes out. Every so often there’s a 5-page backstory about some character or meta side story. It’s great.  However — I’ve read a bunch of articles that have referenced this as the “unfilmable” graphic novel, which I don’t buy.  Make sure you shoot it like the book and make Dr. Manhattan a cool looking blue, and I think you’re just about there.  Oh, sidenote, it seems like the Wachowski Brothers got inspiration for about 100 of their shots from this book.  Plus it’s super political which I guess is relevant and topical these days.