Of course Joe The Plumber will someday kill someone, the question is Who?

joetheplumberbookThere’s Joe signing his hastily and ghost written book in what was reported to be a pretty small crowd. I mean, it looks like a small crowd, but the liberal media could’ve taken this picture after the big crowd got their books signed. If we’re to take this picture at face value, Joe’s 15 minutes have actually lasted remarkably close to that amount of time and he wants to be famous pretty bad and I don’t think it’s taking. So now we’ve taken an angry guy with oppressed-conservative syndrome and made him famous and then completely ignored him, yipes…and he doesn’t even have plumbing to fall back on according to some reports. So, who will we someday be shocked (but not that shocked) to find out he killed? It’ll probably be his girlfriend at that time, but part of me thinks he will try to kill a Senator or something. I’m secretly hoping for a public display, but will never admit that after the fact. There must be some name that psychologists give that nano-brief moment where you say “Awesome” in your head right before “holy shit” when a plane flies into the World Trade Center, ┬ábefore the emotion very quickly turns to shock, fear, sadness, and submissive compliance.