Anytime, Anywhere

do-or-die-2-smallerWell I loved the first illustration by Schadenfriend Andrew DeWitt of me as Mike Donovan in the original V miniseries so much that I decided to order another one, this time featuring my brother and me as Drake and Hicks in Aliens kicking a ton of ass. Lemme repeat that — this is an illustration of me and my brother kicking ass in the movie Aliens. What’s up. These are just a ton of fun, you guys. I highly recommend getting one. You basically talk to DeWitt on the phone and tell him what you think would be a hot movie to be in, then you email him a few photos and some screenshots of the movie and he takes it from there.  Hey Chicago comedy community: hire DeWitt to do these illustrations so he can make the world’s weirdest coffee table book.  I am absolutely serious.  Telfer’s got one and Jamie Buell has one in the works.  DeWitt, you need to start a business doing these, dude.  I will gladly go around asking people “Hey, man! What’s your favorite movie? Yeah, cool. How ’bout you STAR in that movie. What’s up. Check this out…”  Just register the LLC in Delaware because Stephe said you save on taxes.