Hey, Adam!

Burris Blagojevich DonationHere is the scoop going on in Chicago. Don’t listen to the national news, let this local spinster give you the goods. See, Roland Burris testified in front of the house about how clean he was. But he left out a bunch of shit so he sent an affadavit to the impeachment committee saying “oops, I forgot to tell you that I talked to Blago’s peeps about raising money for them”. That leaked to the press. He first says “Hey, they came to me and I said no! No, I’m thinking of running for Senate and that would be a conflict of interest!” That was a lie. More info comes out, now he says “Well, I gave him some money, but it was way before I wanted to be Senator”. That too, was a lie. My favorite was “Yes, I was approached to fundraise but I asked around and everyone said they weren’t interested in giving money to Blago, so that means I didn’t fundraise for the Governor.” So see, he would have done it in exchange for the seat but he has no clout and couldn’t get anyone to cough up the dough. Hilarious. This is new. Totally exciting, total douche. First time a politician just calls out that he’s inept so therefore he didn’t do anything wrong.