7 Years Later

after-american-idol-its-time-for-vietnam-idol_14When it comes to an element of pop culture I’m usually about 6-12 months behind the rest of the world. I first heard of the Pussycat Dolls (???) 2 weeks ago, and finally know that the Jonas Brothers are a group of guys kinda like Hanson. Sounds like a bit, but it’s not. My television intake involves 24 and Battlestar and Big Love and Flight of the Conchords and that’s just about it. But after finally watching full episodes of American Idol for the past 2 weeks I get why it’s such a sensation! ¬†Everyone in the country gets a shot at the big time, then America gets to vote. You guys see that Wives of Orange County? Damn! I’m also getting into the evening news. I have a few great ideas for some new reality shows and I just need about 5 minutes with Mark Burnett so if you guys have a lead on his email drop a line. I tried burnett [at] juno [dot] com but it got kicked back.