A reason to not see Pink Panther 2 you hadn’t thought of

pinkpanther2I’ve loved Steve Martin for years. I believe the years were 1977 to 1991. I’ve seen the trailers for Pink Panther 2 and all I can tell from them is that I was supposed to love some catchphrase about a hamburger from the first one. I added my “PASS!” to the pile and moved on, but Roommate Stephe made this observation and I felt it beared (beart? bore?) repeating.

If Steve Martin wants to take a beloved character from the 70’s and bring him into the 2000’s for a new generation, how about The Jerk? How about The Man With Two Brains? Maybe one of the Amigos? Or how about the guy in the white suit with the banjo? We all liked those guys. The only guy who didn’t, it seems, is Steve Martin. He closed the book on his “silly” phase so he can do this?