The Visitors are not what they appear to be

v-is-for-vengeance-smallFar be it from me to turn down Schadenfriend Andrew DeWitt’s offer to paint me into a scene from any movie. Especially when I can be Mike Donavan from V. For the uninitiated, DeWitt was a regular fixture in Schad’s rent parties before moving to LA, where he’s currently doing stand-up and freelancing as a part-time “Heyyy, bro, I’ll paint you as a Biker Scout if you wannabe a Biker Scout” kinda guy. He’s doing this stuff instead of temping and he’s engaged to Tammy and they’re getting ready to pay for their wedding so we all need to step-up and help DeWitt follow his dream to not play by the rules and eke out a living painting friends into scenes from cool movies. ¬†Witt, I think you should get yourself painted as Buzzsaw from The Running Man. Stephe, you should be Alex Rogan from The Last Starfighter, Justin you are probably best suited to be Billy from Predator and Kate, you should get yourself painted as Starbuck from Battlestar. President Obama is talking about creating jobs, guys — and DeWitt is ahead of his time so everyone order up and get yourself one of these.