I swe@r, I’m not @ doucheb@g

at_symbolJust a heads up, if anyone receives a text message from me in which I use “@” instead of “A.” It’s not because I’m hip, it’s because the “A” is actually broken on my phone, making it impossible to tell anyone in a text that the “A” is broken on my phone. But it would be incredibly douchey to start using all “@”‘s as “A”‘s if my “A” weren’t broken. So, just for future reference.

Oh, small side observation I’ve made since acquiring at Blackberry-ish, full keyboard phone from Stephe Schmidt. You can no longer dial phone numbers with letters in them. You can’t dial 1-800-Southwest or 1-800-Flowers, it won’t work, you’ll be dialing the wrong number. It’s always fascinating when things advance to the point of not working in some way. Sure I can get my email and the internet, but then I find I need the internet to look up the actual numbers of Southwests phone number. Just a small observo. Carry on.