Tuesday 24 WrapUp: 2PM – 3PM

Chloe - Season 7, 24It’s good to see Bill get messy again. What I can’t believe is that the producers hire such a good actor as Colm Feore (just check out his work in Chronicles of Riddick) – and they relegate him to the role of “important hostage”. I’ve never heard the term “First Gentleman” before – and it’s kinda growing on me. At least 24 will prepare the world for when Hillary is elected, and we have to call Bill that, just like they prepared us for what to call a black President, after David Palmer was elected.

What else was special about last night’s episode? Loads of stuff. Billy from Entourage is either a really bad actor, or a REALLY good actor. He feels as underwhelming as the guy who plays Larry – Renee’s ex – is hamming it up with his distress over losing Agent Walker. Speaking of which – I’m really loving her when she’s in “ass kicking mode”. Otherwise, she’s another whiny broad. And that brings up another point – is there a way to kill Jeaneane Garofalo? I mean kill. her. dead. I don’t want her pathetic empathy. I don’t want her Chloe-like tech skills (I have Chloe who is a much better Chloe.) I don’t want her chubby little star-tattooed hands pounding away at a keyboard talking about “cold leads” and “CIP code trace fragments.” Essentially – Billy and Jeaneane need to get axed – in a really good, for no real reason way.

And can anyone explain why it took Jack and Walker so long to bust in when they HEARD and SAW that Dubaku was taking the CIP chip, and that the plan had been busted open, and that THEY PULLED UP VIDEO SURVEILLANCE OF THEM WALKING INTO THE BUILDING? They had a freakin’ camera and was watchin’ them watch them come in. Don’t know about you, but in real time, I would have said something like, “SHIT. Bill, Tony – on my go. GO!” But hey, that’s just me, and I don’t have a history of saving the country. Also – if anyone wants to know how long it takes the main tank at a chemical plant in Kidron, OH to blow – it takes EXACTLY 12 minutes. Not a moment longer – or less. You know, for dramatic purposes. AND – if you remove the chip that’s sending the controls, then whatever what the computer was doing, it will forget, and everything will go back to normal. Totally makes sense.

And does anyone watch Lost? How about that seeing a young Charles Widmore – WTF?! AND – I still can’t figure out how the whole “Richard Alpert” doesn’t age thing work. Is it because of the island? Does Ben get Widmore kicked off the island, and that’s why he has the vendetta? Widmore, et. al., are the original Others – who coincidentally speak Latin – and why the F do they have an ATOMIC BOMB hanging out at the island??? Personally – I’m a big fan of this “skipping through time” storyline, and less of the Oceanic6 – Jack, Kate, Sun, Hurley, Sayid – pretty bored of them as late. And one final question – Is Desomond and Penny’s son named after Charlie? And if so (ready for this) what if, because of the island, little Charlie, Desmond and Penny’s is REALLY daddy Charlie??? Think about it – that’s the kind of shit Carleton and Cruse would pull in a heartbeat.