I just got kicked in the nuts…I could go for some Doritos

Just getting around to posting this.  BLK noted early on in the Superbowl, after someone received a snowglobe in the nuts, that violence is clearly deemed humorous by advertisement creators. After that we noticed that every commercial break during the Superbowl involved someone getting punched, kicked, or hit by a bus (Doritos again). Did anyone notice how violent the commercials were during the Superbowl? I think ad guys clearly show where they go when the pressure is on to make a memorable Superbowl commercial. All this should take away from how funny the Koala getting punched commercial was. It didn’t. That was the best one. and Pepsuber was super super stupid, a commercial made to cash in on how much we just LOVE that sketch. For anyone who’s never seen the MacGruber sketch on SNL, I’ll sum it up: “There was this show called MacGyver.”