Let’s Get This Going…

So today is the Superbowl. (Can I use that word? Doesn’t the NFL own it, and get mad if anyone else uses it?) Anywhoo – I’m not going to necessarily “live blog” – but let’s face it – no one is watching this game for the Cards. Steelers are gonna run away (24-12) with it, but for the sake of fun, let’s start posting commercials!

I’m gonna get this whole thing going with a “leaked” trailer for the new Transformers movie out this summer. I have no idea what’s going on, what Transformers are in it – but I’ll admit it, the fanboy in me is screaming, “WOOOOO!” I’ll let you decide.
[flv width=”506″ height=”311″]http://media.schadenfreude.net/transf2trailer_schad.flv[/flv]