It’s As If They Created a Focus Group

I’m all for “suburban malaise” and understand that it’s important that Leonardo DiCaprio get work – but seriously. When I watch this trailer, or hear anything about this movie, I just think that Dreamworks got a group of people in a room, unveiled my photo and said, “This guy. We need to create a movie that has absolutely NO VALUE to this guy. Start giving me ideas.”

  • What’s Leonardo DiCaprio doing?
  • Something about raising a family.
  • Set it in the 1950s!
  • Lots of running on a suburban street!
  • We need a “For Sale” sign at the beginning
  • Cocktail parties!

I’m sure there was a longer list – but these were the highlights.  I now present you with the trailer that has no value to me, but I’m sure the movie is going to be “awesome and important.”  And I’m sure my sister-in-law, Bridget, is going to tell me that how moving it was.  I’m ready for it.  However, I think it important that Hollywood know they are acutely aware of who their market ISN’T.