Blago on The View!

Just finished watching Blagojevich on The View. Yeah, I watched The View. Don’t judge. Fascinating television! His trial starts today and he’s on The View?!?! What does he think appearing on The View is going to do for him? Win over the Christmas sweater-wearing, stay-at-home demographic? He does realize that the people deciding his impeachment are at work today… at HIS trial!
Highlights included this exchange:

Blago: “They’re just running this impeachment to get me out of town. They were threatening an impeachment long before this came down because I went around the legislature to get every Senior Citizen free public transportation. And I went around the legislature to get every uninsured woman breast and cervical screenings. It’s because I did things for people — healthcare for kids”

Joy: “You know you’re not running now”

Other great moments included Rod taking the blame for Patty’s potty mouth and Joy trying to get Blago to do his Nixon impersonation by saying “I am not a crook.” Even Dick Mel got a national shout-out. And yes, Barbara quoted Daley calling the Governor “cuckoo”.