Can we put a moratorium on the word “Historic”?

stopWe all know what it means.  We all know it was important.  But if one more newscaster uses this word in the next 7 days, I’m personally gonna take care of ’em.

It seems as though it was the default word when someone was caught off-guard.  Especially civilians.  Really shows you how limited our collective vocabulary is in today’s society.  Look at it this way, during March Madness, sports reporters have 9,237 ways of saying one team defeated another.  They don’t just keep using the word, “beat” – no, they expand it, use metaphors, some poorly chosen, but at least they TRY.

The reporting elite, the top guys (I’m looking at you Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper) don’t even try.  They get paid the big bucks, try and use something else for the next one, ok?