And the Hard-Hitting Political Coverage Does Not Stop!

US-POLITICS-INAUGURATION-BUSHOk. We might have taken a little time off, but it’s just because the coverage was so… everywhere. Seriously. I tuned in to watch “Leverage” on TNT last night, and there were commercials for CNN’s coverage of “the most historical moment of anyone’s life of all time ever”.

But we must continue. How do we continue? We ask that you get involved. Yes! You! Here’s a photo. Apparently, it is the tradition of the outgoing President to leave an envelope for the incoming President. I guess they can put whatever they want in there… And that’s what we want to know! What’s in there. Leave it in the comments. Best one will be posted.

Here’s one to get started:

These Bed Bath & Beyond coupons are good until 1/31 – I suggest a humidifier, this office gets REALLY dry in the winter.