You following me, camera guy?

2711616881_94fc5bc67eBy now I’m sure everyone but me has seen the very funny and oddly caustic late night commercials for the ShamWow and the SlapChop. I saw the ShamWow ad for the first time last week, and have watched it about ten times since. I think it’s hilarious and give the ShamWow guy huge points for being so acidic and non-salesman-y. I mean, come on. Saying that Olympic divers use the ShamWow to dry themselves off. I can’t even believe that’s in the final cut, it’s so awesomely ridiculous. I then read that this guy is a comedian named Vince Offer who in 1999 released a movie called Underground Comedy Movie that generated a number of lawsuits, including a suit against the Farrelly Brother for apparently lifting scenes from his movie into Something About Mary and then sued Anna-Nicole Smith for breach of contract for not appearing in his movie and then sued the Church of Scientology because they declared him a criminal. And now he’s cracking me up with these weird ads telling me that I’ll live an exciting life I use the SlapChop. Sidenote: I posted a ShamWow bit on my FB status and it generated the most comments of my short-lived FB career. Being one who’s typically late to the game, I guess I’ll have to start watching TV after midnight more often.