Farewell Circuit City…

ripten_circuitSo, Circuit City is officially liquidating ALL of their assets. (Translation: Cash in those cards you got over the holidays NOW). I know Sandy won’t miss these guys, and honestly, I won’t either – but for some reason, Sandy likes Best Buy. His defense? Something along the lines of, “they’re hot.” or “I like America.”

Here’s why I respected Circuit City. In 2003, the cut salesperson commissions. So, no longer, when I went to buy a TV, CD Player or DVD Player was I trying to be talked into the $42 gold-plated cables that were coated with the blood of unicorns and rolled on the thighs of virgin. Why? Because the salesperson didn’t give a shit. At the end of the day – Circuit City didn’t give a shit, and they were honest about it. Best Buy, Wal-Mart – anyone else – they don’t really give a shit about YOU. You can stand up and scream all you want about how you’re the consumer, and it’s your money, and you could go somewhere else – but the guy working for $4.37/hr and dealing with a manager who has a 9PM curfew really doesn’t care.

Best Buy organizes their store, they greet you, they PRETEND to be your friend – but then rush you into buying the more expensive LCD 52″ HDTV + Comcast cable (even though your building is RCN) and 10 BluRay movies (even though they forgot to sell you a BluRay player) because your kid is screaming. Same experience at Circuit City would be you leaving the store empty handed. $3K richer, no TV, but at least I, as another customer, don’t have to hear the screaming baby.

Additionally, Best Buy had been guilty of publishing different prices on the internet you get at home, and their own private internal network. What does this mean? Online, you see a movie for $10.99 – say Armageddon. You go into the store, and the movie is price at $12.99. You mention it to salesperson, “Hey, I saw this move $2 cheaper online.” At which point they walk you over to their computer department, pull up the BestBuy website – and sure enough, it’s the $12.99 price, and NOT the $10.99 price. You’re the fool now, and you say sorry, and the sales guy says no problem. Now granted – $2 on a movie like Armageddon they’re only gonna sell 2 copies of the movie. One to Sandy, one to his brother. BUT – this happened on all electronics. Circuit City? Not even smart enough to THINK of a plan like that.

I’m gonna miss the ole’ stupid Circuit City. Now replaced by the blue-shirted army. I toast you, and wish you well, you future Car Wash Managers of America!