Betting on Vegas

lasvegassignI like how The New York Times is officially pushing trips to Vegas. Apparently, the economic downturn over the past year is leading to huge hotel & restaurant deals — but what they’re not telling you is how to actually MAKE money once you’ve landed.  Here are a few tips.  Avoid the high-class casinos and head straight to Paris (apologies to those of you who think that Paris is high class).  Paris is one of the few casinos that regularly offers Casino War (Caesar’s and Bally’s do as well, from time to time).  Play Casino War, offering great odds (either you win or you don’t — high card wins) and put money on the table ONLY WHEN IT FEELS RIGHT.  You can sit out rounds and watch your neighbors take that 4 of Hearts. You can turn $20 into about $200 in just a few minutes.  Then camp-out at one of those big spinning wheels and WILL the wheel to hit 40-1. Stare at that 40-1 number and make it so.  Give it five or six tries until you hit it, taking you to about $6,000.  Then walk through the casino and find a roulette table where everyone, including the dealer, is smiling and having a great time.  Throw $1,000 on your birthday — and walk away with a loot of about 40 grand.  Sidenote: if you park at a blackjack table long enough, the PitBoss (if he’s cool) will give you a comp to the casino buffet.  Also, they frown on sleeping in the Sports Book after you’ve checked out and have 5 hours ’till your flight, so be sure to hold a fresh Keno card while sneaking a nap.