So glad that TV is back

cylonsIt’s been a while since we’ve had good TV in the pipeline. Case in point: we finally deleted the John Adams series on DVR (full disclosure: it had been on there since May 08, and we never watched it, opting instead to save room for everything coming up). I saw Seasons 1-3 of 24 on DVD, furiously trying to catch-up a couple of years ago. Now I’m on the Monday night “work my week around a show” schedule — and thanks to the Writer’s Strike, we now have 24 AND Battlestar airing new episodes in the same week. Let me repeat that: we will have the opportunity to see new episodes of 24 and Battlestar in the same week. That’s like Cosby going into Family Ties going into Cheers going into Night Court. Plus, Big Love and Flight of the Conchords start this week. That’s huge and TV is back and it’s all just in time for the pre-Watchmen movie lull. Fair warning: Connor said that Battlestar is going 3 minutes OVER time this Friday, so watch it live! Sidenote: I’ve never seen Lost but everyone says it’s pretty hot. Same with The Wire. I’ll start Season 1 on DVD this summer. One more thing, it drives me nuts when people refer to “TV” as “Television” or say “Oh, I’ve never seen 24 because I don’t own a television. I’m a big reader.” We’re all big readers. Get behind 24 and watch Jack Bauer stab a guy with a pen.