Tuesday 24 Wrap-Up: 10AM-Noon

renee_walkerShe’s gonna die.  I’m calling it right now.  Special Agent Renee Walker is going to die by the end of the season.  Why?  Because Larry is the agent on the inside, she’s turning into a loose cannon like Jack that he can’t control, and he’s going to have to “remove the problem.”

And Bill has a new haircut.  And dresses in all black.  SM called it yesterday that Bill would be back by 8.30 – and he was.  With Chloe in tow.  And Tony isn’t a bad guy.  Or is he?  Here’s my question:  Just because you SAY you are in deep cover, does that make it so??  C’mon Jack, trust is a good thing, but remember when you trusted your wife?  Remember when you were all strung out, and you trusted someone in Season 2?  Remember when you trusted your Dad?  Or your brother?  Or the US Government? You don’t have a stellar record for trusting people – so, to all of a sudden decide that because Bill says, “We’re in deep.  No backup. No oversight agency, there’s a conspiracy, and we’re gonna expose it.” is kinda like saying, “There are aliens because you can’t prove to me there aren’t aliens.”

Don’t get me wrong – I freakin’ LOVE it.  The new Bill that’s ready to sacrifice anyone – even Jack – for the sake of the mission?  The Bill that looks like he should be starring in one of those “Viva Viagra” commercials where he’s on stage with a guitar and a 47 year old Botox-ed chick in a Frederick’s of Hollywood stripper dress pole dancing behind him!  He rocks now.  I just want to see him get a little dirty… a little… wetwork.

I would comment how easy it was to get out of FB headquarters, but the number of times people escaped from CTU, FBI should be (and was) a cakewalk.

And, a shoutout to Schadenfriend Matt Leinhart who showed up last night as the white lawyer in the hospital!  He was truly amazing, his look of shock, his ability to be fooled by Agent Garofalo, and the way he carried his briefcase were the hallmarks of a 24 repeat character.  He FIT into that world.  Speaking of which, I don’t know much about hospitals, but when you start squeezing the tubes for a respirator, and cutting off the flow of oxygen to a patient, killing them, shouldn’t an alarm go off BEFORE someone asks the nurses station where that patient is located?  Especially when it’s right ACROSS the nurses station?  Just curious.

Other thoughts – after the jump.

  • Jack finally admits, “This is going to hurt.”  Now, c’mon.  Driving a car off the end of a parking garage level, while laying down across the front seat… And he’s able to recover – and Tony firing wildly into the “general area” of the FBI/SWAT team…
  • Walker has taken the, “This time it’s personal” banner a little too soon.  Marked for death this one is…
  • What happened to Bill’s wife?  Karen was not the woman that would allow Bill galavanting across DC with Chloe.  I think she died as a result of some terrorist act involving needlepoint.
  • The actor who plays Sean, who also played Billy on Entourage really has 0 range.  That’s right, 0.  Hmmm, quiet, sarcastic, conniving – seems like the same guy to me.  This role just might kill his career.