For Your Consideration: This super hot movie that everybody saw

5265877As an active member of the Screen Actors Guild, I’ve had the benefit of carrying a union card in my wallet and not getting rental discounts at Hertz and putting “SAG” on my acting resume to potentially get booked on that national commercial for Alamo and getting 20 bucks extra if I wear my own pants in a web spot for Avis. That said, a fun annual perk of being in SAG is that you get to vote for the SAG awards, which means that movie studios send SAG members free DVDs. As you might imagine, you don’t get cool movies. I’ve long-since given away my copies of Away from Her and Venus. But yesterday, low and behold, in comes a free copy of The Dark Knight. Widescreen! That’s what I’m talking about! Hey SAG members: let’s get more good acting nominations for more hot movies like Transformers 2 and the new Star Trek. I’ll even vote for a supporting nod for Terminator 4 Rise of More Machines if it’s up for the asking. Sidenote: Hey Witt, I got a ticket to a free screening for that new Clint Eastwood movie in LA but it was expired and I figured you were going with Paul Preston or something. So, there’s that.