Super Quick Movie Review Round-Up

slumdog-millionaire-fl-02Little-known fact, I love huge Hollywood movies and I’ve never attended any type of film class and am happily in the center of the American movie demographic and I can safely say that Slumdog Millionaire is one of the best movies I’ve seen in like 5 years. It is so good. Love the director Danny Boyle’s other movies: 28 Days Later, Sunshine, and obviously Trainspotting are all fantastic and super original. Watching Slumdog, I’ve never wanted the main guy to win in the end so badly. Everyone says it’s such a “feel good movie,” and when I saw this movie, I was thinking that if he doesn’t win I’m never seeing another movie again. Also saw Valkyrie which is super hot: you forget it’s Tom Cruise after a while, which is a tall order — and it’s stacked with second bananas from thousands of other movies which I always love. Benjamin Button is pretty hot, it’s a great epic and Kate called it that it’s too much like Forrest Gump. It’s also 45 minutes too long. Watching this, you can see why studios want to re-cut Fincher’s movies. I love David Fincher and believe me I loooove The Game and Alien 3 but this movie needs to drop 45 minutes. After a while you’re thinking come on bro, we get it. He’s gonna die as a baby so let’s get to it so I can validate my parking. Sidenote: Connor told me that Seven Pounds is one of the worst movies he’s ever seen, so let’s all take a pass on Seven Pounds and spend that money on a Fresh Prince remix album at that record store across the street from the Davis.