24 Tuesday Wrap-Up: A New Day Begins

24_billy Well well well.  Here we are again.  It’s a brand new day for Jack Bauer, and time to remove 24 hours from my life as I am still addicted to this TV show.  Last night was the first part of the 2 night premiere.  2 hours of the new day are gone, and what have we learned?

CTU is still officially closed.  Chloe, Bill have been replaced by evil, stupider, dopplegangers, and Jack carries a briefcase.  Oh yeah, Tony’s a bad guy.

The cool thing about 24 – even if you don’t like the show, is that it keeps Hollywood working.  Within the first 10 minutes of the show, Sandy and I identified over 9 B-List actors, and that does NOT include the heavy hitters who actually get listed in the credits.  Look back over the years, you’ll see more people that you will say, “Hey, that’s the guy from…” than you can shake a terrorist CIP firewall stack to.

I’ll lead off my observations with:

If you give Jack a gun, he will shoot it.  If you give Jack the OK, he WILL use a ballpoint pen to extract information.  If you give the writers a need to come up with a plot device, they WILL pull up a character from a past season.

Hit the jump for the rest.

  • A waste to only have Kurtwood Smith for 3 minutes.  Really good talent, poor use.  
  • I don’t want the last moments of the season to be Jack running to the Senate steps so he’s not late for his hearing with the DOJ.  (Great line would have been Kurtwood Smith saying, “Mr. Bauer, I’ll release you to the custody for… say… 24 hours.  I imagine whatever you have to do can happen in a day, right?”)
  • Jeaneane Garofalo dropped like 35lbs and looks like she should be handing out flyers to her show at the Comedy Store. (that one belongs to SM)
  • Cherry Jones may be a world-renowned stage actress, but she ain’t no Dennis Haysbert.  President Palmer 4-Ever.
  • Tony’s a bad guy.  Evil twin?  Divided loyalties? Interesting plot device?  I’m sure I’ll have my answer after tomorrow night’s episode.
  • Cool blue LED lights and clear plastic carbonite ALWAYS mean hi-tech.  The more blinky and Matrix-y the designs, the better.  Oh – and although all computers are Dells – they all have cooler UIs than anything else anywhere.  Period.
  • It’s only 2 hours in, and if Jack gives the “I don’t give a shit about anything anymore” speech one more time, something nasty is gonna happen.
  • Walker’s learning.  Soon, she’ll turn off her communication device so that her boyfriend/boss can’t track her.  Don’t worry Larry, Jack won’t take your girl.  He’s not into that.  Besides-which, she’ll be dead before the end of the season.

That’s all.  Until tomorrow.