So… He’s Impeached.

44438263-09095931This is history happening right now folks! The first governor in Illinois history to be impeached. Right now, my parents are sitting in their McCain barracks saying, “I hope this doesn’t affect your guy.” (My guy being President Obama). Of everything that’s going on – this photo is what makes me stop and smell the roses.

This photo is apparently after Blago’s morning run while the impeachment voting was going on… From the looks of it, was the Trib reporter hiding out in a storm drain to grab this shot? Rod’s bent over, trying to catch his breath, so the photog had to be underneath him somewhere – which leads me to believe that this whole photo had to have been staged…. It reminds me of those “reality” shows where people who have never met open the door for the “first time” and are “surprised to see each other” (Oh, didn’t know you were going to come by.) Really? You always just have a video crew hanging out in your house, just in case someone shooting a TV show decides to stop by?

Anyway, you decide – staged or not?
[Photo Courtesy of Chicago Tribune]