Red Light Cameras Have Made Me A Fugitive

As the city keeps adding more and more “red light cameras” at the intersections, I’ve realized that I’ve become a much more dangerous driver. It’s actually promoting the exact opposite of safety — at least for me. When I’m approaching a “camera intersection” and the light is still green I gun it to about 95 mph in order to guarantee that I safely pass though without being photographed (and for intersections like Western and Peterson that’s the only way to do it since it’s the length of a football field!) What would happen if cute little puppy wandered into the path of my drag racing effort? I think it’d still be worth avoiding the $100 fine. And then if there is even a hint of yellow, I jam on the breaks causing a 4 car pile up behind me. Every time. Don’t you think it’s true that sometimes the safest move is to break the law? And isn’t that, in fact, the Chicago way?