One reason I love airports

Happy New Year friends! After doing a lot of traveling and a lot of the aisle-seat-getting and a lot of the nine-dollar-water-buying over the past couple of months, I was reminded of one of the few reasons I love airports (except for LaGuardia, which basically looks like one big steely public bathroom). Airports are one of the only places where you can change your clothes in public and nobody cares. Ever see someone re-buckle their belt in an Applebee’s? It’d be super weird. Ever see someone re-tuck their pants in the lobby of a movie theater? You’d be asked to leave. In an airport, people walk by and see you re-tucking your pants like Grandpa just say “hey man, I get it. We’re both in the airport and let’s just hang in there. What do you need from me, my man? Let’s get that shirt tucked in right, boss. There’s a whole world out there!” Right on. Thanks for the words, stranger. You just won yourself a mobile upload.