No bits, I think I might get a pager

Well, okay, it’d be a huge bit. I think I’m gonna splurge on the 9.95 per month via Direct Page (check it out, really — they don’t even charge for pagers anymore). I’d like to get a pager, put it on a biz card, and then give people my pager number and then return their calls immediately from my iPhone, mostly because it seems like the most annoying thing you could do all week. Who even has pagers anymore, besides the 3 d’s (doctors, dealers and the deaf)? About a year ago, I noticed that SmartBeep on Belmont & Racine finally went out of business. Stephen and I had pagers back in 2006 working our corporate jobs downtown. Stephen would probably page me a 911 page to let me know that Godzilla tix were sold out for McClurg Court and that we’d have to head to 600 North instead. Anyway, I’m getting one. Actually, my old one might be in the Schad prop bin. I already have a business card that I give out at parties that only says “Sandy Marshall” on it and I’ll think I’ll add the pager number to that. And to my FB page.