Leon & Me.

So I was super bummed that I never got a picture with Blago. I have one with Daley and one with Studs Terkel, but I never got one with Rod. There was a great feature on the Trib for a little while where they asked for uploads of you with the Governor, so there were a ton of Todd Voorhies meatheads with the Governor at sporting events. Great stuff – I think they took it down. I’m sure someone uploaded boobs or something and the editors freaked. But alas, I will not fret. Because yesterday the news came down that Obama had tapped a new CIA director. His name? Leon Panetta. And yeah, I’m down with Leon. And I’m down with really bad gray pants from Old Navy. So watch what you say about me, suckers. Cause I can wire-tap your ass with my main man Leon!