Guess the world's most famous person

One of the most interesting things about El LA is the paparazzi. I”m pretty bad at picking out celebrities unless that celebrity is speaking to an auditorium who feels Lethal Weapon”s 20th anniversary is worth celebrating, however I”m good at picking out the guy at the bar who”s clearly had a one-liner on a show I don”t watch. But helpfully enough, if there”s a celebrity around, there will also be weirdos with cameras across the street who you can ask about the celebrities they”re staring at.

Objectively, you”d think the woman in the car is the biggest star ever, casino online right? Nope,┬áKatherine Heigl. That”s how big a paparazzi that Katherine Heigl attracts. Seems bigger than her doesn”t it? Moments earlier they were standing on that fence behind them while she ate in that courtyard.

Anyone watch TMZ? Then you know the two guys in front of her car are about to say “Oh, you”re going to run me over? I”m allowed to be here, you know!” And that is precisely how this played out.