Auto Bailout

How much did the Iraq War cost again? I’m assuming it cost less than 14 Billion, how about that Wall Street Bailout? It must be less that 14 Billion, otherwise there’d be a double-standard. These guys are so principaled, aren’t they? I like how the automakers had to go through two weeks of hoop jumping and driving to the meetings in Prius’ and agreeing to take $1 a year so they could be told to fuck off. Of the course AIG had to jump through hoops too, they had to agree to have no oversight but also promise they’d only do good things with the money. But what’s the government to do? These automakers like my Dad, Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle are all millionaires according to Mitt Romney. They all make $75 an hour I keep being told. Remind me over Christmas to ask them why they’re all broke? Or perhaps I’ll have Mitt Romney make that call as it is he who is suffering at the hands of my family.