Christmas Came Early!!! Blago Style!!!

OK, it is now 5:30PM and I’ve been off-line for the whole day. THE WHOLE DAY! I’ve been dying to come home and write about this! I was late for my 1PM appointment today because I just had to hear the lead-in for “Talk of the Nation”. You know it’s a good day when Neal says, “The talk of the nation today? Chicago.” Where do I even begin?
~ Fitzgerald. You KNOW it’s juicy stuff when Fitzgerald fumbles his words during every single sound bite released to the press. In every single one he stumbles. He can hardly stand it he’s so excited. You know he’s hearing himself speak and wishing he practiced for just a few more minutes in front of the mirror.
~ The Replacements. I love the immediate reversal of proximity by every alleged contender for the Senate seat. Jess Jr.? What? Your talks haven’t been very serious? Really. And Tammy Duckworth. You’ve never even met or spoken to Blago? What a difference a week makes, huh?
~ The Outfit. He was taken in wearing a track suit? What, you can’t get 5 minutes from the FBI to throw on one of your trademark black mock turtlenecks?
~ The Leak. Best new holiday party game? “Guess the Straw That Broke The Camels Back”. Rahm? Dick Mel? That dude who’s in jail for killing Jennifer Hudson’s family?
~ That Other Governor. What do you think George Ryan is doing right now?
~ The Nanny. Poor Fran Dresher. She thought she was going to be today’s biggest story.