Ever heard of Phil Hendrie?

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajtG5MeXQhs[/youtube]I had completely forgotten about Phil Hendrie but was just reminded of him by a friend. Long ago I worked a night job and became quite the expert on any talk radio that aired between 10pm and 6am, one of the great discoveries was Phil Hendrie which was syndicated on WCKG for three months. There was no youtube at the time so I didn’t know the trick of his show at first, which is that all his guests are him. Close your eyes and listen to this clip to get the full radio experience (actually that goes for everything in life if you want to boil it down). He didn’t let on that that was his gag, but after a couple shows a clever listener could figure it out. The great thing about Phil’s show was that most of his listeners were not clever and would call in ranting and raving at his fake guests. It was a pretty unique show in that it was a prank call in reverse and every fan of the show got to enjoy a three-hour inside-joke every night. If you like it, he posts some old clips on iTunes, it’s worth the add for Podcast obsessives.

UPDATE: If the embedded video isn’t showing up (it is in the WordPress preview page, but not when I go to the site) here’s a link.