Am I the only one excited about Punisher: War Zone?

I am? Damn. I should learn to word my sentences more artfully. I can’t even get my friend Paul to come see Punisher: War Zone and I had previously gotten him to come to Ghost Rider…hey, wait a minute…oh I see…once bitten and whatnot.

This has been a pretty exciting comic book movie year. I guess it’s ended for everyone else, but I’m as giddily excited about Punisher: War Zone and The Spirit as I was about Iron Man, but I think this theatregoing experience will be a little more The Phantom and little less Dark Knight. For those still reading this, there’s an interesting review of PWZ on Aint It Cool, they nailed something about The Punisher, he’s a very 80’s character, he’s The Crow for people who don’t like to read, and there’s no way to capture that without being Stallone’s Cobra, and therefore, a joke. So, according to the review, that’s exactly what director Lexi Alexander does, gives us Starship Troopers in all that laughable lovable ways that come with that territory. Now that is one fascinating angle to take – the Adam West take. I was there anyway (I mean look at the picture above, COME ON!), but now I’m super intrigued, Fred – I’m assuming you’re the only one that read this far.