NO BIG DEAL: Rush live DVD out tomorrow!

Whatever, no big deal. Rush’s new 3-disc DVD of their recent “Snakes and Arrows” tour comes out Tuesday and is sure to kick ass. I can’t wait. It’s got a ton of favorites, including “Entre Nous,” Matt Hanner’s favorite Rush song. It’s got “Red Barchetta,” my brother’s favorite song. It’s got “The Way the Wind Blows” which is Kate’s favorite Rush song and it’s got “Subdivisions” which is one of Brad Dunn’s favorite Rush songs. I enjoy remembering anyone’s favorite Rush song. Adam, I know you went to some concerts as a kid but I don’t remember what your favorite song is. ┬áSidenote: Ken, I still can’t get enough of that Porcupine Tree, did you know that Alex Lifeson has a guest solo in that super long 3rd track? Niiiiiiice.