Netflix Instant needs to F***k off

After Justin’s comment on my last statement that the Watchmen Trailer needs to F***k off, I watched it objectively, distancing myself from the comic, and I can’t tell what that movies about or if it even looks interesting. It still needs to go F***k off, I just realize I’m showing incredible bias by saying so.

So Netflix finally opened up it’s “Watch Instantly” to Mac users and I finally downloaded the program to watch them the other night and…it seriously needs to F***k off. I used to get a kick out of Hulu’s 50 movies. I’d watch Flatliners even if I didn’t want to just because it was quaint that I could watch it on my computer, and watching Flatliners is like being on an awkward High School first date…all the time. Now all of a sudden I go from 50 movies I don’t care that much about to 12,000 movies, which is 5,000 more movies than were available on Netflix when I first joined. 

Seriously Netflix? I can watch Aguirre: The Wrath of God, any episode of Voltron, No Country For Old Men, or Superman: The Movie right now? I can watch the Lenny Bruce Performance Film or Grindhouse in it’s entirety, Big Trouble In Little China, Gerry, Cleopatra Jones, Lethal Weapon or Bullitt…RIGHT NOW? F***k off…in the good way. And tell Hulu…tell her I won’t be coming back.