And we’ve certainly shared our boxes of wine, haven’t we Danny

I don’t know if it’s a function of the economy, simple shopping or the next new thing but we have that wine cube from Target, and it’s basically a “fancier” box of wine but this time the box is a cube.  The wine’s basically the same as bottled wine, I’m not a wine guy and really can’t tell the difference between $10 wine and $250 wine.  Read an article about Fred Franzia, the guy behind Two Buck Chuck, and he’s all about bringing wine back to the regular folk.  One time I thought I’d take a wine appreciation class, and balked because it sounded kind-of like a creative writing class — which, by the by, I always got C’s in creative writing, B’s in composition, and did much better in math.  Maybe that’s why I like big Hollywood movies.  Who knows.  Anyway, the cube of wine is pretty good.  Give it a shot, it’s at Target and it’s just fine.