This Sunday, 24 is back.

That’s right. This Sunday, Nov. 23rd marks the return of 24 with “Redemption,” a 2-hour movie preview for Season 7 filling in some gaps after Season 6. I can’t wait. Earlier this year, I realized around April that, for the first time in years, my weekly calendar wasn’t dominated by a single show. I’ll miss a Battlestar here and there and catch-up on DVR, but for some reason, 24 is unmissable. Oh, wait. I remember why. Because it kicks ass. Adam, didn’t you say that Matt Lenhart plays a White House lawyer or something?  Maybe that’s in Season 7.  Stephe, the guy who played the plastic surgeon in Face/Off is in this.  Sidenote, Quantum of Solace is completely hot and who cares if it’s a Phantom Menace title and if you haven’t seen it yet, try and see Casino Royale first.  It starts right where the first one left off.  No irony in this post, I have read tons of bad reviews of 007 but trust me, it rocks.  Kate liked it too, for those of you who need fair & balanced.