Jaywalking Should Be Prop 9

This weekend, I went down to Macys to buy a new bed. Yep, Serta. Real nice. Extra firm, bitches. On the way to the store, we ran smack into the anti-Prop 8 parade. I was proud of myself for taking evasive maneuvers to get around it in the car and the payoff was having Miles get to see his first parade/rally. It was really great. I was so excited about living in Chicago and being a part of this cause. I felt proud to have my family there. We went into Macys and came out about an hour later and the parade was over. So I got the car out and drove down Madison to go home. At Clark Street, traffic snarled. Was the parade still going? No, I saw it end. What then? Well, a bunch of parade-goers (probably 10-15) decided to just walk on the green light. Two marchers with flags stopped traffic so their buddies could walk. WHAT THE F$%#! Hey, the parade is over. Gay, straight, whatever…you can’t walk across Madison Street just because you have flags. So I told em that. Loud. And pointed. After they cleared the intersection and we were going, Julie said that from a distance, it looked like I was yelling at them about their cause. And that the person next to me was staring in horror. Hilarious. I’m not a homophobe. I am a jaywalkaphobe. Get it straight. Or gay. I don’t care.