Consumer Watch: Mary Kay Ad Rips Off Timberlake!

The song in this ad is a few notes away from Justin Timberlake’s “LoveStoned” (well, technically, it’s the “I Think That She Knows” Interlude – which starts at minute 3:28). In watching the ad, there is no credit to Timberlake’s song — it’s just a blatant rip off. What’s up with that?! You’re not allowed to change a couple notes of a Top 40 song and then slap it on an ad with no recognition. Did we learn nothing from the Vanilla Ice / Queen debacle of the early 90’s?? Do you think Timberlake knows? Surely, his Mom has seen the ad during Top Chef and called him. I think Mary Kay owes Timberlake a shout out (and some money), right?! And for the record, I have nothing against the Mary Kay company. In fact I have one of their lovely eye creams in my make-up bag right now. I just have a problem with their advertising people. And if any of them are reading this, and have made a deal with Timberlake that I am unaware of, please drop me a line! The people demand to know! And is here to investigate!