Miles Loves George Straight?

After dinner last night, I turned on the TV. Miles was still in his high chair eating blueberries and refusing to drink his milk (jealous?). I turned the TV on to see if anything was worth watching later and I stumbled upon the Country Music Awards. Nichole Kidman and Hugh Jackman spontaneously and randomly presented (because they love country music, right? Not because they are in a new movie). Just then, Miles focused in. When the announced the nominees and everyone applauded, Miles applauded. He applauded with a big Nashville smile like he was a die-hard fan of Sugarland. He face lit up like a honkey tonk Brooks and Dunn Xmas tree. Back in the 80’s, I think parents biggest fear was that their kid would go up gay. Now, it’s that he will love country music. God, you do have a sense of humor.