A better title might be: “Lee Atwater: Sh**head”

Did anyone see the PBS doc on Lee Atwater? It was 80’s night at apt 7 last night, so Roommate Stephe and I pretended there were only four channels and didn’t like what was on ABC, CBS, and NBC. For those of you don’t know who¬† Lee Atwater is, think of everything you hate about politics in the last 20 years, he’s responsible. So we were curious how the tactics that Gingrich, Bush, and Bush, and McCain staked the future of the permanent Republican Majority on came about.

The reason I post this is because at some point it became obvious to us that nobody had anything good to say about him. Yes, all the people interviewed said everything very glowing and nostaligic, but waxing nostalgic about how he fucked over his friends because “that was so Lee” just became hilarious. He told a friend on his deathbed that, despite always pushing a religious agenda for Bush 41 and the Republicans, he had never read the bible and requested one. The friend then, with a smile on his face, recounted how, after Lee died, they found the Bible still in cellophane. Yes, what a great guy.

The best point was made by Roommate Stephe – Lee was eulogized by someone who said: “Lee was Machiavellian, in the best sense of that word.” As Stephe pointed out, there is no good sense of that word.