Hey there! Thanks for checking and re-checking the site over the weekend, Witt flew in from LA and we’ve been together since Thursday night in full-on edit mode for a production script of our first movie. It’s piecing together really nicely and we’re having fun debating things like how do we best refer to a huge wet crap in Brent Wickerman’s washing machine. Those who’ve been on our writing retreats can attest to the importance of these conversations. We had fun at Bazer’s Interview Show on Friday night and thanks to everyone who came out to hang at the Hideout and I think I’ve had enough Potbelly’s to last me a month. Tip to those of you who haven’t been to Potbelly’s — if you hit it at the right time, sometimes there’s a singer/songwriter sitting in a top nook area singing covers of Wilco and The Sundays. Also, inside tip to actors — I asked, and they don’t take discounts if you show them your SAG card.