Election Night was Both Exciting and Boring

I had the awesome experience of being down in/around Grant Park for the election. Normally, I hate large groups of people, especially large groups of people that are there not knowing if they are celebrating victory or commiserating over defeat. Either way, this is Chicago, and there is always the fear a car is going to get overturned no matter the outcome.

At least, that’s the way Chicago used to be.

Being downtown in the “shit” – at no point was there the feeling that this was a powder keg about to blow. Maybe it’s because Barry jumped to an early lead. Maybe it’s because every single police office and fireman was out on duty. Maybe it’s because no one budges when they hear a siren, but if a guy on a horse yells at you to step to the curb, you step to the curb. Or maybe it’s because everyone was so entranced by the cuteness of the “Bearry O’Bama” teddy bear doll (buy one, get a free button!) that no one felt like they could fly off the handle at a moment’s notice.

Or it could be that everyone expected a million people, and I bet we’re luck if 200,000 ended up showing up.

Whatever the reason – calm heads prevailed. Now, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t screaming and honking and girls showing boobs, and random people hugging, or strangers kissing or dogs and cats living together [mass hysteria] – there was a lot of ALL of that – but it never got out of hand. No one tipped it beyond what the city could handle. No one decided to see what straw would break a camel’s back. It was… relaxed excitement. Like everyone should be sipping champagne once it was announced Barry had won enough electoral votes.

*sigh* I guess that’s good, but it’s also kinda bad. I mean, are we REALLY ready to shed the ghosts of the DNC riots? I’m not gonna say something schlocky like, “This is what hope feels like.” I’m gonna say, “This is what armed officers, snipers, FBI, helicopters, paddywagons on every street corner and one cop for every 20 people feels like.

So congrats Chicago for not breaking anything. But it would have been nice to have a little excitement,