Emmett Says “Vote! Because I Can’t!”

Tomorrow’s the big day!  And so, we thought we check in one last time with Schadenfreude’s (now 4 year old) political pundit,  Emmett James.  Emmett, seen here with his Obama puppet that he made at the Library, has had some strong and accurate predictions in the past.  We caught up with Emmett in his post Halloween candy haze and asked him a few hard hitting questions.

Schad: Who will win tomorrow’s election?

EJ: Oh, I don’t really know because there is two people and if there is two people then, ahhh, I don’t know who is going to win.  John McCain might win. 

Schad: Did you vote yet?

EJ: No, I’m too little.

Schad: If you could vote, who would you vote for?

EJ: The same guy, John McCain.

Schad: Why?

EJ:  Just because I like him.

Schad: What do you think Obama & McCain dressed up as for Halloween?

EJ: (Re: McCain) I think a good costume would be a monster.  An ugly scary monster.  (Re: Obama) They would be friends, so I think he would dress up as a monster.  The same kind of monster.

Schad:  Would you date Piper Palin

EJ: (Nods yes)

Schad: Will you watch the election returns tomorrow night?

EJ: (Nods yes) IF.. if I didn’t have to go to bed.

Schad: What do you think the loser will do with all of their free time?

EJ: Well.. on the next election they could win!

Schad:  What advice would you like to give the new President?

EJ: Good ideas!  Let me think of some…  Doing their job for them:  Everyone would help everyone who would help every President while they were gone for a while.

Schad:  Cupcakes or Popsicles?

EJ:  To do what?