Therefore, Schadenfreude is a Terrorist

The GOP is all over Obama about “pallin’ around with terrorists“. But what, they give us a slide? Back in 2003, Schadenfreude had a certain Weather Underground member named Bill Ayers as a guest on our Chicago Public Radio program. Actually, most of this never aired because, well, it wasn’t that funny. So it got scrapped and thrown on a raw audio disc to be buried in the ole’ office. So thanks so much to the McCain camp for bring ole Billy back into the spotlight. Boing Boing, here we come! You think we might be able to sell this to Hannity?  Also, if you come to our show on Saturday (This Country’s F$cked at Lakeshore – [tix]), you can hear a couple bits from a prominent IL Senator who is now running for President. Schadenfreude: Doin’ Bits with the News.

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