Random observations from watching the Cubs lose in L.A.

* Either Dodger fans are total assholes, or being yelled at is merely the plight of wearing the opposition cap in a stadium looking at the NL Championship. Can’t confirm.

* Guys, you have the second cheapest seats in the stadium, you’re behind the foul pole, please don’t shout that the last ball was a strike. The pitcher threw it, that I can confirm, but that’s about it.

* Either irony is forbidden in Dodger’s stadium, or, again, a sympton of the pennant race. The asshole fuckfaces in front of us could not let any minor minor Dodger victory (a strike) go without pointing and yelling at a set of Cubs fans across from them. Ditto with anything the cubs did. The Cubs got a single and they booed them for only getting a single, that only losers get singles. In my only interaction with them I said “you know, you guys didn’t complain when the Dodger’s got a single.” It was like explaining soup to a caveman.

* There must be something immasculating about selling Cotton Candy. The Beer Guy seems to be able to hold his head way higher, and shout way louder.

* They flashed Vince Vaughn in a Cubs hat up on the Tv-i-tron, L.A. hasn’t reacted that way to Vince since the opening weekend numbers on Fred Claus (BOOM!)

* And finally, something that seemed to sum the whole evening up. I was standing in line to pay $10 for a beer and the janitor behind the counter looked up from sweeping stray nachos to see my Cubs hat. He holds up the broom which he was just cleaning with and yelled “SWEEEEEEEP”. That might be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.