Really? Outlook?

Last weekend whilst in our Nation’s Capital with John Marshall running in the Army 10-Miler (which should really be a separate post — short version — most organized race of all time, running around every amazing national monument, perfect weather, at least 3 new greenlight-ready-Bruckheime-movie-ideas) I saw an ad for the new Saturn Outlook. It begins “Have you seen the new Outlook?” Now, and I confirmed this with Stephe, anybody who sees this is thinking they’re talking about Microsoft Outlook.  The Email.  Didn’t anyone think this was a bad call?  Who names a car after an email program?  Hey, have you seen the new Honda iPod and the new Jeep Xerox and the new Pontiac Netflix and the new Nissan Transformers 2 and the new Toyota Wells Fargo Free Checking and the new Oldsmobile I’m Rahm Emmauel and I Approved This Message and the new Ford Jimmy John’s and the new Hyundai Thought so.