Enough with the “there’s just too many questions” bit

My least-favorite political tactic is being warmed up. The Republicans and anybody in fax range raise inconclusive “concerns” for a year straight and then wrap it all up at the end by saying: “I’m not saying John Kerry Barack Obama wants to destroy the country, I’m just saying there are simply too many questions.” – which only they raised. What a pussy way to discuss something. Man up and state your embarrassing case, or don’t bring it up. But don’t run into the room, lob a twice-baked potato at the groom and then run back out. “Who is Barack Obama?” McCain boldly asked without expectation of an answer in a speech yesterday. Ummm…the guy from the debate? You raised the question, John Sidney, now man up, you tell me, who do you think he is? Or are you just sealing up the Rhetorical Question Party vote? It isn’t meant to be answered, just meant to make us think long and hard about how little we actually know Barack Obama…because, I apparently ski on weekends with John McCain or something. Of course, if pushed to detail, the answer to their rhetorical question would look like the New Yorker Cover, which remains the genius of that.

And second (I’ve been busy, just getting around to posing this one): Who’s the “Joe Sixpack” message for? I understand that there’s a “Joe Sixpack” demographic, but…they don’t call themselves that. They don’t know they’re that, so you can’t talk to “Joe Sixpack” by addressing them that way.

Also I can’t believe the Referee didn’t see Honky Tonk Man take that guitar to Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat’s head…wait, what was I talking about?