This Country is F$cked – In 2 weeks!

I am excited about the upcoming shows at the Lakeshore. Seriously, it is probably one of the first times we’ve actually put on a show for a big election. In 10 years performing too. We weren’t really doing stuff for the Bush/Gore election (I remember watching debates in LA with the crew). And then in 2004, we did a radio episode. So this is exciting. Really, it’s the first political comedy festival in Chi. We didn’t really set out to do that, but it has really turned into it. All the guest performers are doing political material and we have about 7,000 bits planned. It’s gonna be bit overload. Someone will die from all the bits. We have some really great guests and this will be the first time we attempt to do pull off 2 shows in 1 night. So if you are looking for something special this fall, go to the Goodman. If you want 7,000 bits, hit up our show.