Happy Birthday Stephen!

First time I saw Stephen Schmidt was while thumbing through the New Student Directory at Drake University in 1992. I came across a photo of the only person who didn’t submit his high school graduation photo — instead, it was a photo of some guy in a sombrero dancing at a party like a total douche. I thought man, whoever that guy was in the directory with the sombrero who didn’t send in his yearbook photo, that guy is a total DOUCHE! Turns out that douche was Stephen Schmidt. ┬áThe photo was one big bit, a great bit, a bit which now rests in the Smithsonian’s Museum of Bits. I’ve torn through my storage to find that f’ing directory so I could post the photo today and can’t find it anywhere so I found this photo of a guy in a sombrero who kinda looks like Stephen, but certainly doesn’t deliver the same “Brainy, brawny, pumped-up tech work” (NewCity, #1 Pick of the Week, 1998).